Overview Edit

Thaumiam is an intensely magical metallic compound found almost solely within or around the island of The City. In it's raw form it is a dull grey-purple in colour and most often occurs in deposits resembling large masses of crystal. Thaumium is the primary construction and research material utilized by the inhabitants of The City, and thus plays a major part in every scientific, military or architectural pursuit.

History Edit

Thaumium first arrived on Avira as a meteorite which impacted in the general area in which the island of The City now stands. The impact of the meteorite was enough to drastically alter the prevailing weather patterns of the world and cause the continent of Otira to be subject to a seemingly eternal and desolate winter. The inhabitants of Otira, a nomadic and deeply spiritual people, saw the meteorite as a sign from their gods and the winter which followed to be a punishment for not acting swiftly to follow the meteorite's course. Upwards of one million tribespeople, led by a council of shamans conducted a mass exodus towards the shores of Otira.

Upon reaching the site of the meteorite impact the former tribespeople, now calling themselves the Few, discovered an apparently endless forest of towering trees not seen on Otira. Beneath the perpetual twilight of the forest, named the Everwood, the Few encountered creatures and plant-life unknown to them. Fearful that some greater threat may lurk in the depths of the forest, it was decreed that the Few would no longer be nomadic and instead settle in one fortified location. The Architects, those of the Few skilled in the manipulation of wood and stone through the use of magic, constructed a great settlement surrounded by a large wall. From this base parties of skilled warriors led sorties into the Everwood in the hope of finding the fallen star.

The first recorded use of Thaumium as a distinct compound was during the Year of Founding. The original Architects of The City discovered the mineral during a concerted push into the Everwood. Following a period of testing the intense magical properties of the element were discovered, and it was considered for implementation into the Architects' greatest project: The City itself.

Use and function Edit

Thaumium is unique amongst the minerals of Avira in that it absorbs and holds magical energy. In it's raw form, thaumium can hold enormous amounts of energy; unlike thaumite crystals, which can hold a near indefinite degree of power without any loss, thaumium ore will gradually bleed more and more magical energy back into the ambient environment at a rate proportional to the amount of energy it currently holds.