For Mechaturgy, which is not strictly magic, see Thaumium

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Magic in Avira refers to the effects of energy that has been or is being manipulated by thaumic fields. Magic generally refers also to energy that is directly being manipulated by a living being, such as a human mage, or to the presence of such energy that has been, like an enchanted item.

Base Magical Rules Edit

Although the uses of magic can be incredibly varied and creative, there are a few rules that applied to all forms of magic:

  • Magic, much like the mundane, may not 'create' energy or matter out of nothing, merely change the form of existing energy or matter. The majority of a mage's spells do, however, appear to break this rule by using magic from nearby sources or background magical energies (of which there are vast amounts, if you know where to look and how to use them) to power such spells and enchantments.
  • The effect of anything magical happening is slight destabilisation of reality around the affected part of space, which may be spread across much volume to decrease it's ill effects.
  • Enough magical change happening in an area will cause sufficient destabilisation to punch a hole through to another dimension, or several other dimensions. On the whole, these holes do not last long and leave much destruction and other ill effects around them. The larger the hole, the more magic is required, and the greater the effects.
  • Magic generally cannot be used to directly influence the minds of living beings, due to the fact that the being's own psychic field with the spell(s) in unpredictable, unstoppable and generally destructive ways - for both the spell(s) and mind(s) in question. This makes direct mind control a near impossibility for magic users, but there are various workarounds.
  • Spell can never be completely efficient across distance, - or time, in some cases - so much energy will be lost if a spell must 'move' or affect things not close to where it is based.
  • A spell must be 'anchored' or 'based' somewhere - in at least one place - in the physical world to exist. This could be something as simple as being bound to an enchanted item, or something much more abstract, like being bound to a certain pattern of objects, lights, or sounds. E.g. Ronotri, the Magical Language, is partially bound to the pattern of sounds representing the language, which it requires to work.
  • If a spell runs out of energy for whatever reason, it immediately ceases to exist. Spells must also store their energy somewhere (usually where they are 'anchored'), else they have no energy to access and then fail. Simple conversion spell are often set up with an 'energy buffer', which is a tiny storage of energy enough for the spell to keep ticking over, that should be restored by it's active process.
  • No matter how well crafted the spell, all will slowly 'leak' energy (a result of the nature of magic slightly destabilising it's own logic) to it's surroundings. This is usually how mages detect spells, although some are well made enough to not give out enough energy for this.
  • Over time, spells become more and more stable. This means that they become more efficient the longer they have been around, although they will never become completely efficient. A more stable spell is harder to detect, much harder to alter/destroy, and generally more powerful.

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Alister Longwell


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